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Dicho y hecho

Silvia Sobral

Brown University

Kim Potowski, PhD

University of Illinois at Chicago

A Comprehensive Communicative Program for Any Format

Dicho y hecho is a class-tested introductory Spanish program fully informed by research in second language acquisition and teaching methodology. It focuses on structured input processing and output-based activities and tasks for meaningful and authentic communication. This new edition features redesigned and updated content, with contemporary topics and a wide variety of activities, tools, and strategies to make the teaching and learning experience more rewarding and relevant in any format.

Rich Cultural Content Promotes Cultural Awareness and Connection

In Dicho y hecho students are encouraged to develop cultural awareness by discovering connections and making cross-cultural comparisons. Updated real-life stories in the forms of readings and videos personalize the intertwining of cultures and invite learners to reflect on their own cultural perspectives.

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