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What’s New?

Focus on Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice

As students gain confidence in their own language skills, Dicho y hecho aims at fostering contexts that are inclusive of diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Some of the selected readings, videos, and cultural topics will facilitate insightful discussions about important topics, such as:

  • What family means to you
  • An affordable housing program in Colombia
  • How mental health affects students in Spain
  • Why a group of women in Mexico is fighting cultural appropriation in the fashion industry
  • A discussion about race and visibility of the Afro community in Spain

New Authentic Video Collection

The new Video in the skill development section of Dicho y hecho features fifteen new authentic videos. These compelling videos were carefully chosen to include a variety of formats, support chapter themes, and help students develop interpretive auditory skills. They facilitate discussion about real issues that truly matter to students’ communities, including social justice themes, and they also offer a wide range of voices and perspectives from across the Spanish-speaking world.

Culminating Projects That Integrate Content and Personalize Learning

At the end of each chapter are opportunities for students to be creative with the language through oral and written projects. Students draw on their own thoughts and experiences as they design and deliver projects using the vocabulary, grammar, and cultural knowledge they have learned. These multistep projects promote self-expression and provide opportunities to use the language in real-world tasks.

Proyecto oral: El camión restaurante

Chapter Openers Feature Learning Objective and Engaging Content

Revised Learning Objectives on the chapter opener pages make the learning process transparent and help students understand the purpose of what they do. Infographics, ads, photos, and short authentic video clips open each chapter, inviting students to immerse themselves in the chapter theme. These simple and dynamic materials provide authentic input, and the thought-provoking questions help students preview some of the grammar and vocabulary of the chapter.

Inductive Approach to Grammar Instruction

The Así se forma grammar sections were carefully revised to create a more explicit inductive approach to grammar instruction. The guiding questions at the beginning of the grammar explanations are meant to provide an opportunity for students to develop their critical thinking skills by observing language in context.

Así se forma

News and Cultural Updates

These monthly links with scaffolded activities for students are available on the Supersite. They provide real-world connection to language and culture via carefully curated articles and videos from across the Spanish-speaking world. Instructors can enhance their classroom with authentic and culturally relevant resources focusing on the three modes of communication (interpretative, interpersonal, and presentational).

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