Companion Program

Get Reading!

Leveled Reader Library for English Learners

The Get Reading! Leveled Reading Library can be used to accompany Get Ready!—or as a Leveled Reading Library for any EL program.

Get Reading!

Leveled Readers offer more support

The leveled reading library is divided into 4 content areas:

  • 10 ELA (fiction) titles
  • 10 science titles
  • 10 social studies titles
  • 10 math titles

Choose your proficiency level

Each reader is written at 3 proficiency levels (Newcomer/Beginning; Intermediate; High Intermediate) for a total of 120 readers. Students can choose the level they want to read—or start with one and progress as they improve their reading skills.

Connected to Get Ready!

Each of the 10 units of Get Ready! is accompanied by 4 Get Reading! readers.

And more!

The Get Reading! Library has its own dedicated technology—the Supersite features:

  • Readers with audio sync
  • Interactive activities per reader
  • Online Assessment per reader
  • Teacher Guide & Teaching Notes
  • Answer Keys