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Spanish literacy support at all levels

A wide range of reading selections support students at all literacy levels: beginning, intermediate, or advanced.

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Reading selections from renowned Spanish-language authors

Students explore a variety of text types—fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, and more—from a wide range of authors: Margarita Robleda from Mexico, Rafael Pombo from Colombia, Vanesa-Pérez Sauquillo from Spain, and many others!

Samples of reading selections.

Support for all students,
from beginners to advanced

Spanish literacy and language development

Built around a carefully-curated selection of authentic Spanish literature and informational texts, Antología engages and builds literacy through leveled reading selections and develops language skills in context through a variety of activities that follow each reading.

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Comprehension Questions

Comprehension questions

Created with the reading standards in mind, these questions support the development of crucial literacy skills such as finding meaning and making inferences, critical thinking, and vocabulary development.

Grammar and spelling activities

These activities help students gain awareness of how to use language as a tool to construct meaning in different contexts.

Writing practice

These activities develop previously learned skills while also teaching new ones such as writing multiple paragraphs texts, organizing ideas to convey opinions and facts, and writing for a specific audience.

Phonics, grammar, and spelling activities

Immersive Culture

Culture and authenticity bring the Spanish-speaking world into your classroom.

Culture is at the heart of Antología

Antología fosters a love for reading and an appreciation for the Spanish-language and Hispanic cultures! Students develop literacy and language skills in authentic cultural contexts. Whether their journey takes them to iconic landmarks in Mexico or a natural wonder in Argentina, they’re learning about the local people, customs, food, music, and what makes each country and its people special and unique.

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Example story of well-known authors

Works from a wide range of Spanish-language authors

Students are exposed to the work of a variety of well-known authors from around the Spanish-speaking world, including writers, poets, journalists, activists, and educators. From Cuban-American Alma Flor Ada, and Puerto Rico’s Georgina Lázaro, to Ecuador’s María Fernanda Heredia and Argentina’s Ana María Shua—students will explore a large range of literary genres as they learn about Hispanic cultures.

Beautiful, vivid illustrations from artists that span the Spanish‐speaking world

Each reading showcases the work of illustrators from around the globe. Illustrations not only support reading comprehension but expose students to the works of amazing artists such as Héctor Borlasca from Argentina, Carolina Bernal from Colombia, Nathalie Beauvois from Venezuela-Argentina, and many others!

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