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Elementary students discover a world full of cultural adventures!

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Learning Spanish Is a Cultural Adventure

The ¡Listos! + Antología print and digital solution takes elementary students on an adventure through the Spanish-speaking world, where they explore the language and culture through engaging, communicative lessons and authentic, leveled readings.

Why Choose
¡Listos! + Antología?

  • The fully articulated Spanish-as-a-world-language program, combined with its companion language and literacy program, provide ultimate flexibility in the K-5 Spanish classroom.
  • The program meets students at their language proficiency and literacy level, making it fun and rewarding.
  • Culture is the backdrop of the entire series, so language is meaningful and contextualized.
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Integrated, Standards-based Spanish Elementary Program

  • ¡Listos! + Antología work together to support students at all language proficiency levels—from beginners to heritage speakers—and at any grade level.
  • ¡Listos! encourages students to explore language and culture through the Five Cs across 8 units and themes, while Antología expands knowledge about those themes through authentic, leveled readings.