Bring literacy and language to life in the classroom

Meaningful content. Specialized resources. Powerful online tools.

Experience the ¡Listos! + Antología Supersite

An unparalleled digital learning environment with integrated content, resources, and tools built exclusively to support language learning in the elementary grades.

Supersite activities on a laptop and tablet
A teacher helping a student with an activity on the laptop

The ¡Listos! + Antología Supersite makes teaching easier for you and language learning more successful for your students.

For Students

Learning is just a click away

Discover the ¡Listos! + Antología Supersite—the only online learning environment created specifically for language acquisition and development.

For Students

Fully interactive SmartBook

Spanish comes to life with the fully interactive and integrated SmartBook with point-of-use audios and videos, voice-recording activities, and hundreds of auto-graded communication, vocabulary, grammar, and cultural activities with corrective feedback.

Interactive SmartBook
Practice activity on the laptop

For Students

Plenty of practice

With the Supersite, students have hundreds of program-specific, thematically-based, and carefully-scaffolded practice activities right at their fingertips.

For Students

Engaging Media

From an interactive Smartbook with autograded activities, integrated audios and videos and voice recording, to readers with audio synchronization and highlighting, the ¡Listos! + Antología Supersite has it all.

  • Student SmartBook
  • Online Practice Book
  • Online Activities
  • Animated Virtual Chats
  • Antología, Thematic Library, and Phonics eReaders
  • Integrated Audio and Video
Media activity on the laptop
Student using a tablet

For Students

Safe Environment

With its uncluttered interface, innovative tools, and seamless textbook-technology integration, the Supersite will help you reach students in a safe digital space.

For Teachers

Simple. Powerful. Customizable.

With integrated content, comprehensive resources, and innovative tools, the Supersite provides everything you need to engage students and support language learning—all while making instruction easier.

For Teachers

Powerful Course Management

Choose what you use and how you use it. ¡Listos! + Antología is designed to accommodate any pacing schedule. Plus, you can monitor student progress, communicate securely with individual students or the entire class, and track and report on student effort and outcomes.

A teacher using her laptop.
Teacher SmartBook tools on the laptop

For Teachers

Time-saving Tools

No need to spend time finding the perfect video, crafting scaffolded activities, creating assessments, or grading homework. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you by providing everything you need to plan, prepare, teach, and assess.

  • Teacher SmartBook—easy access to Smartbook and teacher wrap instructions
  • Online Assessment
  • Point-of-use access to all audio and video
  • Online gradebook to track student and class progress
  • Teacher Dashboard for easy class management

For Teachers

Enhanced Support

Get all the guidance you need to use the Supersite to its fullest potential—from face-to-face presentations and training webinars by fellow educators, to pre-recorded videos on a variety of topics.

A laptop showing a training webinar.