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Engage and enrich your students’ understanding of the francophone world.

Six-step instructional design

Each lesson is organized into color-coded strands that present new material in clear, comprehensible, and communicative ways. With a focus on authenticity, cultural immersion, and the seamless integration of text and technology, French language-learning comes to life in ways that are meaningful to each and every student.

Context for vocabulary and grammar

Teach French in real-life context throughout every lesson.

Straightforward and dynamic presentation of vocabulary and grammar

Grammar explanations and activities develop students’ understanding of the rules of French, improving the authenticity of their language production.

Interactive, animated grammar tutorials pair grammar rules with fun examples and interactive questions to check understanding of concepts.

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Activity progression with an emphasis on skills builds students’ confidence

Learning and practice begins with activities that focus on recognition and comprehension, and continues with guided and transitional activities to reinforce and learn new vocabulary and grammar concepts in diverse formats.

Culture from the French-speaking world integrated throughout

Each lesson maintains a focus on the French-speaking world, starting with cultural themes used to engage students, continuing with readings that enhance students’ cultural views, and videos that bring the culture to life.
  • Lecture culturelle explores themes introduced earlier in the lesson
  • Le monde francophone puts a spotlight on people, places, and traditions
  • Le Zapping features authentic video clips in French—with activities that provide opportunities for intercultural reflection and community engagement
  • Panorama presents the French-speaking world, with readings that explore different facets of the featured location’s culture, and new Panorama culturel videos

Contemporary and engaging:
comprehensive multi-genre video program

Instructional and cultural videos reinforce the language for students, and include Promenades’ Roman-photo episodes, Flash culture, and Panorama culturel videos created by VHL. Authentic Videoclips help students see how language is used in popular media.
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