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English Literacy and Language Development

Harnessing the Power of Literacy

Our K–12 programs target specific student needs and support the development of English language literacy and foundational skills. These powerful print and digital solutions focus on developing communication, phonics, literacy, and academic language skills.

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Early Literacy Solution

Vista’s new systematic and explicit foundational skills program, Discover Phonics, is a K–3 solution designed to build phonemic awareness and the phonetic skills students need to become strong, lifelong readers. This powerful print and digital solution seamlessly integrates listening, speaking, reading, and writing with hands-on activities, songs, phonics and handwriting videos, games, decodable readers, and more!

Discover Phonics book covers by Vista

Newcomer/Beginner Solutions

Get Ready! is a standards-based program developed to address the needs of elementary, middle, and high school English learners who are identified as newcomers or as students at beginning, entering, or emerging levels. This multi-level solution has a rich and engaging curriculum that includes plenty of communication activities, as well as literary and informational lessons in language arts, science, social studies, math, and other content areas.

Get Ready! book covers by Vista

Language and Literacy/ELD Solutions

Connect and Bridges are comprehensive standards-based English language development programs created for English learners and striving readers in elementary and middle school. These powerful print and digital solutions develop academic language and literacy skills through content-driven lessons that address varying proficiency needs.

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Leveled Readers

The Get Reading! print and digital solution for grades K–12 offers engaging leveled libraries for multilingual/English learners and striving readers. Each Get Reading! library includes 120–144 literary and informational texts written at three proficiency levels and focusing on a range of content areas. Libraries include lesson plans, audio synchronization, practice activities, and quizzes for all titles.

Get Reading! library book covers from Vista
Get Reading! library book covers from Vista
Get Reading! library book covers from Vista

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