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Spanish for Dual Language

Promoting bilingualism, biliteracy, and biculturalism

Vista is dedicated to creating authentic Spanish literacy materials to support learners in every type of dual-language program. Our print and digital offerings range from foundational literacy support and targeted literacy solutions for our youngest learners to comprehensive native/heritage Spanish language programs for middle and high school students. We also offer the most comprehensive collection of children’s and young-adult literary classics, authentic titles, and best-selling books covering a wide range of instructional themes, content-area topics, and text types at all grade and proficiency levels.

Spanish for Dual Language books

Early Literacy Solution

Early literacy in Spanish begins with La cartilla, a comprehensive standards-based phonics system for grades K–1 designed to engage young readers as they build foundational literacy, vocabulary, and reading comprehension skills.

La cartilla by Vista book covers

Reading and Grammar Solutions

Vista provides an array of Spanish reading and grammar solutions for your elementary, middle, and high school students, no matter your dual language needs!

Reading and Grammar books for Elementary

Reading and Grammar for Elementary

Antología, for grades K–5, offers print and digital reading and grammar support through a range of cultural and informational leveled reading selections, activities, and assessments. Our authentic Spanish language arts program, Yabisí, and our supplemental reading and grammar activity books, Entre palabras and Entre letras, add flexibility to your curriculum.

Reading and Grammar books for Middle and High School

Reading and Grammar for Middle and High School

Galería is a state-of-the-art digital and print solution for heritage and native Spanish speakers that promotes bilingualism, biliteracy, and biculturalism; and engages students with regional videos, audios, authentic literary selections, leveled grammar practice activities, and more! En Español develops language and literacy skills through literature selections from Latin America and Spain.

Literacy and Writing Support

Our beloved A+ Kits offer hands-on literacy and writing support through award-winning and best-selling titles and an array of standards-based teacher lessons, activity sheets, and graphic organizers.

Covers of the A+ Spanish kits by Vista

Reading with a Purpose

The A+ Spanish Literacy Kits, A+ Spanish Science Literacy Kits, and A+ Poetry Kits engage students with fun Spanish-language titles covering a wide range of genres and curricular topics.

Covers of the A+ Mentor books

The Writer’s Craft

The A+ Spanish Mentor Texts for Writing Kits encourage students to read, discuss, and analyze different reading selections, and then emulate the authors’ craft when creating their own writing pieces.

Authentic Literature Covers

Authentic Literature and Readers

Our wide selection of children’s and young adult books includes hundreds of titles from award-winning authors and illustrators, and covers a wide range of instructional themes, content-area topics, and text types at all grade and proficiency levels.

Online, Data-driven Literacy Solution

Vista Level Spanish is an online, data-driven, standards-based instructional platform that identifies literacy gaps by continuously assessing and measuring each student’s gradual mastery of the standards. The platform supports differentiated instruction through phonics books and activities, authentic Spanish texts, games, video lessons, and quizzes, and can be used on its own, or with any of our dual language solutions!

Vista Level Spanish