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Developing Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Chinese language skills

All of Vista’s world language programs provide scaffolded, incremental growth to high proficiency in target language use in realistic and common life situations, including personal, societal, and global challenges and opportunities. Whether you teach Spanish, French, German, Italian, or Chinese, we have programs that meet your and your students’ needs.


¡Hola! Vista provides an array of Spanish programs for your elementary, middle, and high school students. No matter your teaching approach, our programs meet your needs and the needs of your students … so that you can teach Spanish your way. Our engaging elementary program, Listos, is designed to make learning fun for the youngest learners, while our three options for middle and high school Spanish—Encuentros, Senderos, and Descubre—allow you to pick your approach and foster student success. Our best-selling program, Temas, helps students tackle the AP® Spanish Language and Culture exam, while Intrigas provides an online-only supplement developed to support students preparing for AP® Spanish Literature coursework. And there’s more! There are multiple options for advanced/ intermediate students with Perspectivas, Imagina, and Revista.

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Sault! Take French beyond the book and explore our options for elementary, middle, and high school. Starting with elementary school, Vista partnered with CLE International to offer Clementine for K–1, and ZigZag+ for Grades 2–4. For middle and high school French, Vista has two options—Chemins and D’accord!—which allows you to pick the pace and approach. For AP® and beyond we offer our best-selling AP® program, Thèmes and the AP® Worktext, as well as intermediate- level programs Perspectives and Face-à-face.

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Hallo! High school students will excel with Mosaik—a multi-level program that presents vocabulary and grammar as tools for effective communication, while emphasizing contemporary culture as integral to successful language acquisition. For advanced students, Denk mal! engages students while integrating thematic, cultural, and grammatical concepts throughout every section of the program—bringing German learners closer to language and cultural proficiency.

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Ciao! Bring Italian to life for your high school students with Sentieri or Parliamo italiano! Sentieri offers contemporary culture, dramatic and authentic media, and integrated technology to captivate your Italian students, while Parliamo italiano! offers a communicative, culture-based approach for beginning-level students. For advanced Italian students, Immagina is designed to strengthen students’ language skills and develop cultural competency with an active and rewarding learning experience.

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Designed with the contemporary classroom in mind, introducing Vista’s simplified Chinese program—JOURNEYS 启程. This new, two-volume program invites the beginning–level student to explore the Chinese language and culture in an engaging, learner-friendly textbook and online environment. The program stresses linguistic accuracy by providing a solid grammar syllabus; accurate, clear, and jargon-free grammar explanations as well as ample practice of new structures to provide students with a solid foundation. JOURNEYS 启程 includes a fully integrated, 24-episode video shot on location in Taiwan, a workbook with additional practice, and a Character Writing Manual to practice handwriting.

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